Motswari – Paradise on Earth!

It was November 8, 2017, and I could finally, blissfully sink my feet on Motswari ground yet again! It was the fifth time in four years – says it all, doesn`t it?

With thirteen adventurous days ahead, we were off to a great start! The other four guests were delayed, so we ended up with a spectacular private evening game drive catching up with Chad & Difference (our eminent ranger/tracker team over the last few years). And what a drive we had!

Ten minutes after heading off, we found ourselves next to nine fat-bellied, resting lions from the western pride. Soon after, we encountered a leopard (Ntima) up in a marula tree plucking the fur out of her fresh impala kill. We then arrived at the scene of a pack of wild dogs harassing a hyena (who ended up with a bloody bottom – poor girl!). The sounds were indescribable! Added to all of this, we saw a lot of other game, and even though the wind was very chilly, we enjoyed every second. Being the only guests on the vehicle that evening, we were also treated to a hilarious crossing of Argyle Dam (high water level of course!) and unfortunately (if I may say) we did NOT get stuck! So we returned, dry, back to Motswari, and caught up with our team mates – that luckily had arrived by now – and shared a lovely dinner.

The animals continued to be very generous to us during our stay, and the dream team, Chad and Difference, kept on providing us with high-quality sightings together with a lot of fun and laughter. We saw numerous sightings including: leopards; gorgeous encounters with elephants; plenty of time with the fascinating wild dogs (both resting and in action); a large number of lions; a newborn giraffe with its mum (only 1 day old!); and tiny impala babies! We saw all of the Big Five as well as plenty of smaller wildlife that are all equally worthy to see!

The highlight of our time at Motswari this time around was undoubedtly the big male lion, who gave us the most mesmerizing roaring concert in the darkness just meters away! Wow!!

All of these adventurous moments were shared with the great company of the team and it’s easy to see where the statement of Motswari – arrive as visitors and leave as friends – comes from.

The atmosphere at Motswari is truly unique. The rangers, trackers and all of the staff include all the guests in such a warm and welcoming way into their world. The friendliness embraces you from the moment you arrive. The hospitality and how the staff approach every new visitor feels like special treatment. Being met with such kindness from everyone at Motswari really makes a big difference!

And it`s not all about the animals! Thanks to the rangers and trackers and their eminent knowledge and effort, you are repeatedly offered adventurous experiences. All of these amazing hours on game drives really connect you with your team. All the new acquaintances you meet and share your days together with really creates a bond between strangers. A connection which is strenghtened by lovely dinners at night sharing the table with your ranger and the team. Evenings filled with laughter and jokes, fun times and sometimes in between, more serious conversations – builds friendships beyond borders. Oh, and the food is awesome by the way!

At Motswari, people come and go continuously, but still they manage to include every new visitor. Whether you`re young or old, rich or poor, despite your profession or rank in society – everyone gets equally included!

Discovering Motswari was a life-changing experience for me! Why? It turned me into a severe bush addict. I got the African bug under my skin, I fell in love with the wild animals and the bush, I got included in the Motswari family, and I made new friends from around the world and all these special people have set footprints in my heart!

I always cry leaving Motswari.. But I know, I will always return to the bush. Until next year, Motswari!

Kristin Vabog




The collection includes a number of neighbouring properties in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, in addition to other trendy properties spread out in Cape Town. It also includes private game reserve offerings in Mpumalanga, Timbavati and Serengeti; a historic hotel in Graaff-Reinet, located in the Eastern Cape; a chic property in the bustling Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg as well as a beach-side lodge in Zanzibar. Newmark further continues to keep a look-out for new, suitable opportunities and developments.

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