02 and 03 February 2017

Thursday morning drive turned out to be yet another good one!  The Ross pride of three lions were resting on Java, and Duma male lion was found in the south with a buffalo kill, and as he is such a beaut of a male, I decided to make my way that side in the afternoon. We were temporarily distracted with some leopard tracks in the north, but with the soils being crusty and hard, it was a difficult task, and after some time, we decided to move on and see if we could find some animals, as it was a lot quieter out there than all the other guides had professed!  It seemed to just be me, as everyone else was calling in stuff, and I felt a bit left out.  This was made worse when both rhino and lions were called in on a road I had driven not 10 minutes earlier!!!  Luckily, Duma male was still at his kill, and we spent the last bit of the day with him, chuckling at his expense as the flies and/or ants kept biting him and preventing him from sleeping!  After some good time with him, and having seen giraffe, impala and waterbuck during the drive, we made our way back home slowly, stopping for a drink before carrying on.  We bumped into one of the Ross lionesses on the road as she was calling for her pride mates, but with no answer.  We also ended off with a lovely sighting of a rather relaxed African wild cat hunting on the side of the road.

Friday saw me once again on a leopard mission, but Kevin was first to have some luck…well, sort of.  He found the Machaton male leopard where the Western Pride had been sleeping north of camp two days ago, but as usual, he moved off into a thicket and wasn’t relocated.  Duma male lion was fending off some hyenas at his kill, and whilst enjoying time at Agyle Dam, the Western Pride were found on our northern boundary, with the young males playing up and down a tree; I tried to head over there, but by the time I got there, they had settled just on our northern boundary, so the view wasn’t great.  We carried on towards coffee, but soon found tracks for a herd if buffalo that we managed to locate – it was a sizeable herd of maybe 200-300 individualist, and the biggest I had seen for a while!  We also spent time with giraffe in the area, before heading home – the lions were still in the same spot, but a bit more visible.  We also saw the odd sight of a chameleon swimming across the river!

The afternoon was a warm one, but the clouds built up.  The Western Pride and moved off, so i decided to head south instead to look for rhino.  We enjoyed good general game in the form of impala, waterbuck, zebra and hippo.  Things then stayed a bit quiet, with only general game sightings until we found some fresh rhino tracks that Difference went in pursuit of; in the same area we enjoyed a couple of elephant herds along the riverbed before the rhino bull was located and we spent time with him.  It was late, but we opted to pass on drinks in the hope of seeing Duma male lion again, as well as the hyenas eating his buffalo carcass, but sadly neither sighting was too long lived; Duma because he was flat and some distance away in the riverbed, and the hyenas because after a short time, they walked off into the bush with the carcass, and that was that.  We headed home and enjoyed a lovely dinner before calling it a night.  Kevin also got lucky with a leopard in the afternoon, but it was the shy young female we occasionally see in the north-west; although, with some work, she has potential to become quite relaxed.

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